Tom Shobbrook makes wines in Flaxman Valley.  Natural wines, made by hand from organically grown fruit.


Current Release Wines

This is our list of current wines - it changes often as we blend, bottle and find hidden treasures in the back of the cellar! You can also use our order form for speedy purchasing.

  • Sixy Mix-Up

    From no-reason-at-all lunch time Smashables to our 3am Favourites! Grab this awesome Sixy Mix Up including Two bottles of the Poolside, a bottle of Sammion, Our Chardonnay, a splash of Pedro and a bottle of our youthful 2002 Syrah.

    Six Mix Up
    $220 / 750ml
  • Twelve Mixed-Up

    From no-reason-at-all lunch time Smashables to our 3am Favourites! If you've come this far then maybe your hoping for something tasty ........ well your in luck. We have added a few hidden Gems from the back of the cellar. Two bottles of our 2020 Poolside, a bottle of Rose 2019, Our 2002 Syrah from a stunning vintage, Novellino from 2016, Seppeltsfield 2016 Syrah, Cab Franc 2020, Clarott 2016, Marco 2015, Poco Rosso 2020, the last of our Tommy Ruff 2017 and A Special bottle of Beach 2016.

    Twelve Mixed-Up
    $400 /

    Sold out

  • Poolside

    Pressed as quick as we can, she ferments away for five or six weeks before being bottled and sent out. You have to be quick each year as she is gone before we know it.

    Poolside 2022
    $38 / 750ml
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  • Ottantotto

    Ottantotto 2019
    $125 / 750ml
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  • Rose

    Rose 2021
    $36 / 750ml

    Sold out

  • Sammion

    Sammion 2021
    $38 / 750ml

    Sold out

  • Poco Rosso

    Poco Rosso 2021 Pre-release
    $36 / 750ml
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    About pre-release wines
  • Cab Franc

    Cab franc 2021
    $36 / 750ml
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